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Views 25 Jun Excursions in Mendoza
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Mendoza is worldwide famous for two things: its fine wine and great outdoor sports due to its location on the shoulders of the Andes mountain range. A gorgeous city with its three-lined city’s boulevards, nice architecture with indigenous and colonial influences and not forgetting the many restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs make this an extremely popular travel destination in Argentina to hang out for a while.

Enough temptation to convince us to pay Mendoza a visit, in spite its 14 hours by bus from Buenos Aires. I know it sounds terribly long, but since we arranged for a ‘cama suite’, a luxurious chair/bed with its own TV screen, it was very comfortable and we even got champagne and really good wine!
There are many places to stay the night and we picked a beautiful Bed & Breakfast with its own vineyard and swimming pool. We were really lucky to be there at the right time just when the harvesting season commenced!

Excursions in Mendoza

There are many world-renowned bodegas close to Mendoza which are well worth visiting, even if you’re not a wine lover. Organized trips are available but if you have the energy and want to be a little more adventurous its worth hiring a bicycle and choose your own route. 

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Views 22 May My Top 5 South America Travel Destinations
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Ingmar Griffioen, a.k.a. El Grifo, spent nine weeks travelling the continent and to study Spanish in Buenos Aires and in Cusco. We, at Dos Manos Travel Agency asked him what he enjoyed the most. In his response, he said he would have loved to stay longer and enjoy the many new friendships with his fellow students at the AMAUTA Spanish School, as well as visit more places. Even so, he provided us with a Top 5 of his most beautiful and impressive travel experiences in South America:

  1. Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu

    My Top 5 South America Travel Destinations One of the seven recent world wonders and the place on your ‘to-see’ list in Latin America. Due to its superb setting, which makes the ‘lost city’ invisible from the valley below, the Spanish conquistadores were, thankfully, oblivious to its existence. The impressive Inca ruins have only been discovered about 100 years ago, but the proximity to the fascinating old capital of the Incas, Cusco, and the unbelievable experience of hiking the Wayna Picchu mountain offering its majestic views over the remains of Machu Picchu as well as the green Urubamba river valley flanked by the peaks of the mighty Andes mountains, make this a true number 1.

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Views 03 Mar Highlights of Northern Argentina
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After spending over three months in vibrant Buenos Aires, it was time to say goodbye to all the things that made me fall in love with this truly amazing city.  Goodbye to the lovely locals or Porteños that I met, the Plaza Serrano where I drank with friends, the fabulous parrilla barbeque restaurants, the fútbol matches, the beautiful Costanera Avenue where I had a choripan (bread with chorizo sausage) and the Recoleta market where I sat in the sun with a beer on Sundays.  Time went fast; but I was ready for a change.  Next destination: Salta, Northern Argentina.

Highlights of Northern Argentina
Salta, established in 1852, attracts many visitors because of its splendid location in the Andes.  Salta is surrounded by vineyards and beautiful scenery from mountains to desert.  The city itself has beautiful colonial architecture from the 18th and 19th century.

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Views 11 May Reasons to visit Mendoza and Salta

While I am far from well traveled in the land of the Argentines, my time in Mendoza and Salta brought new depth to my experience in and understanding of South America.

When it comes to Mendoza, I can tell you, everything you have heard is true. Yes, Mendoza is the wine capital of the world. (O.K. so maybe it´s not the wine capital of the world but we can at least classify it as the Malbec capital, Porque No?). Yes, it´s gorgeous. And yes, you probably will spend the majority of your time a bit intoxicated. If you are looking for a changes of scene from the busy city scape, Mendoza is thus, an ideal place.Whether you´re headed north or South, to Chile, Bolivia, or Peru, Mendoza is a wonderful place to; stop by for a couple of days or even a week.

Reasons to visit MendozaGiven its immense reputation, the size of Mendoza is in fact quite small. There are about two or three streets for going out and one main plaza with a fair on the weekends. But never fear, there is much to do in the territory of wine. Indeed, though the city of Mendoza has its limitations, the surrounding vineyards of the Campo provided endless means of enjoyment and relaxation.

It is generally agreed that one of the major highlights in Mendoza is the wine biking tour. Every day of the week, morning, afternoon, or evening, you can sign up or just show up for a tour. Let me shed some light on the basics.1. You rent a bike 2. Ride around to the different wineries and oliveries 3. Give your palate a run for its money as you taste the various local goods. With a pay as you go system, you get to decided how hedonistic you want to be. For some the bike ride back is a blurry memory of obscurity, while others it fares better. Whether or not, you enjoy what it feels like to be drunk. This tour provides is a highly accessible means of exploring the diverse and tasty wines of this region.

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