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Views 04 Ene The great South American adventure is back: The Dakar Rally 2013!
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During its fifth edition in South America, the famous Dakar Rally will be hosted by three countries that already have revealed their magnificent natural charms in recent years. From the 5th to the 20th of January engines begin to roar again to traverse more than 8000 kilometers in Peru, Argentina and Chile.

Lima to San Pedro
For the first time in the Dakar’s history, the Peruvian desert enters the scene in the early stages of the rally. With the start podium in Lima, where the Pacific coastal neighborhoods of Chorrillos and Magdalena were chosen as the grounds for the technical and administrative controls, the race kicks off into the coastal desert land towards Pisco, Nazca and the sierra of Arequipa. Even though the starting days are less difficult than the following, allowing tension to gradually work its way up, it’s clear that the 2013 Dakar Rally leaves absolutely no room for improvisation. Crossing the border into the vast Atacama Desert of Chile, the race will see a grueling desert journey to the town of Calama, where the natural beauty of the Death Valley near San Pedro de Atacama will speak to the imagination of the pilots and onlookers alike.


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Views 23 Nov Tour Argentina on the Train to the Clouds!
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In the remote northwest of the Republic of Argentina in the province of Salta, travelers will have the opportunity of experiencing one of the highest and most fascinating railway services in the world, one where you get to literally ride the clouds reaching altitudes of over 4200 m. (13,846 feet) during its 217 km. (135 miles) itinerary.

The ‘train to the clouds’ departs from the city of Salta, and as it picks its way through the vast Andes Mountain range at a ‘staggering’ speed of 35 km/h, the scenery will transform by the minute passing striking rock formations and mountainsides clad with enormous mineral deposits. While the snow-capped mountaintops will grow before your eyes, slowly but with a breathtaking magnificence, you will lose the sense of location and enter a domain where solitude embraces the entire horizon.

Tour Argentina on the Train to the Clouds!

The extraordinary journey lasts approximately 16 hours and passes through 21 tunnels and over 29 bridges and 13 viaducts. These colossal works of art demonstrate the amazing potentials of engineering, with various ingenious systems where the railway overpasses itself through spiral loops and zigzags to allow the train to make up for the terrain’s unevenness, while you unconsciously are pressing your nose against the window gazing at overwhelmingly beautiful panoramas.

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Views 03 Mar Highlights of Northern Argentina
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After spending over three months in vibrant Buenos Aires, it was time to say goodbye to all the things that made me fall in love with this truly amazing city.  Goodbye to the lovely locals or Porteños that I met, the Plaza Serrano where I drank with friends, the fabulous parrilla barbeque restaurants, the fútbol matches, the beautiful Costanera Avenue where I had a choripan (bread with chorizo sausage) and the Recoleta market where I sat in the sun with a beer on Sundays.  Time went fast; but I was ready for a change.  Next destination: Salta, Northern Argentina.

Highlights of Northern Argentina
Salta, established in 1852, attracts many visitors because of its splendid location in the Andes.  Salta is surrounded by vineyards and beautiful scenery from mountains to desert.  The city itself has beautiful colonial architecture from the 18th and 19th century.

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Views 11 May Reasons to visit Mendoza and Salta

While I am far from well traveled in the land of the Argentines, my time in Mendoza and Salta brought new depth to my experience in and understanding of South America.

When it comes to Mendoza, I can tell you, everything you have heard is true. Yes, Mendoza is the wine capital of the world. (O.K. so maybe it´s not the wine capital of the world but we can at least classify it as the Malbec capital, Porque No?). Yes, it´s gorgeous. And yes, you probably will spend the majority of your time a bit intoxicated. If you are looking for a changes of scene from the busy city scape, Mendoza is thus, an ideal place.Whether you´re headed north or South, to Chile, Bolivia, or Peru, Mendoza is a wonderful place to; stop by for a couple of days or even a week.

Reasons to visit MendozaGiven its immense reputation, the size of Mendoza is in fact quite small. There are about two or three streets for going out and one main plaza with a fair on the weekends. But never fear, there is much to do in the territory of wine. Indeed, though the city of Mendoza has its limitations, the surrounding vineyards of the Campo provided endless means of enjoyment and relaxation.

It is generally agreed that one of the major highlights in Mendoza is the wine biking tour. Every day of the week, morning, afternoon, or evening, you can sign up or just show up for a tour. Let me shed some light on the basics.1. You rent a bike 2. Ride around to the different wineries and oliveries 3. Give your palate a run for its money as you taste the various local goods. With a pay as you go system, you get to decided how hedonistic you want to be. For some the bike ride back is a blurry memory of obscurity, while others it fares better. Whether or not, you enjoy what it feels like to be drunk. This tour provides is a highly accessible means of exploring the diverse and tasty wines of this region.

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Views 17 Sep A journey into the mountains
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Travelling to more remote locations in Argentina and more widely in Latin America, can provide its fair share of challenges but the experiences awaiting the determined explorer can be extremely rewarding. A significant part of that experience often lies in the journey to such secluded locales and this certainly applies to the tiny town of Iruya, tucked away amongst the Andes in the province of Salta, in the northwest of Argentina.

A journey into the mountains

The only way to get to Iruya without a 4×4 is on the buses operating daily from the town of Humahuaca, some 300km away. The remoteness is partly explained by Iruya’s geographical situation, located on a plateau in the Andes, known as the Altiplano in Spanish or high plain. Iruya itself is carved into a mountainside and sits at a height of 2,780m above sea level. There are other historical reasons which determine the relative levels of connection/disconnection between towns in this part of Argentina. The northwest, such a significant leg of colonial trading links between the silver mines of Potosi in Bolivia and the Atlantic Coast, and subsequent European markets, prioritized more accessible cities such as Salta, Jujuy and Tucumán, whilst bypassing hidden pockets of human civilization like Iruya. Most of the smaller settlements situated in the northwest of Argentina consist of villages or towns with relatively undeveloped transport links, and are sheltered between the mountains or near adequate water sources for drinking and irrigation (Iruya itself is located alongside the Iruya River). Of course, Iruya and many of the neighbouring towns and villages dotted within and along the Andes, possess histories which stretch back far earlier to pre-Colombian times, providing that element of mysticism which undoubtedly draws many travelers to the region.

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Views 27 Jul Cafayate
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Just at 165 kilometers from Salta is this little town called Cafayate. With its 11.785 inhabitants it´s situated at 1683 meter height and surrounded by vineyards. We drove from Cachi to Cafayate in about 5 hours and this was an amazing trip. You see lama´s crossing the street, loads of peppers that have been put to dry in the sun and of course the most beautiful colored mountains. The feeling you get and the views cannot be described.

Cafayate, ArgentinaCafayate itself is a great place to stay. For foreigners it´s most famous for its bodegas and torrontes wine, which won a lot of international awards, but in Argentina Cafayate is also well known for its folklore festival every February. We stayed in a very nice hotel called Vieja Posada, which was more like a big country house, rather than a hotel. At this moment they are renovating it at the outside, but inside it was beautiful, with a big patio and excellent rooms.

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Views 21 Jul Cachi
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From Salta we drove through the Calchaquies Valleys to Cachi. This is a beautiful little town with only 5254 inhabitants, situated on 2.280 meter height at the foot of the Andes Mountains. The town itself is lovely, but the most spectacular thing about it, is the trip to Cachi. It is breathtaking! The mountains are so beautiful with all their different colors and shapes. You feel like Lucky Luke, all alone on the prairie. For one moment you see cacti all around you and for the next there is only rocky landscape for as far as you can see. After about a 4 hour drive you arrive in cute little Cachi.

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